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Free Expression with Bill Kassel 

About the Podcast

Insights into the struggle against pornography addiction from Dann Aungst, founder of the Road to Purity apostolate and author of “From One Addict to Another”; (2) Fr. Sebastian Walshe of Catholic Answers reflects on the beatitudes, as discussed in his new book, “Heart of the Gospel.”

Man Up! Show -Iowa Catholic Radio with Joe Stopulos

About the Podcast

Dann Aungst is Certified Addiction Counselor, speaker, author, and a recovering sex addict. He is the founder of the "Road to Purity" program which is in a partnership with the Des Moines Diocese.

Spirit Filled Radio with Andrew O'Keefe

About the Podcast

"By the grace of God" Andrew O'Keefe overcame addictions to alcohol, marijuana and "wine, women and song" in 1982. This program features a conversation with Dann Aungst of Road to Purity about how Catholics can live lives of chastity.Healing of Addictions (Recovering God' Miracles) airs live weekdays at 9:30 am

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