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Image by Aida L


How this directly reflects in the family, especially our children

Children battle the presentation of Authentic sexuality with inauthentic sexuality, God says give of self, - society says “you need it, take it” – “You have to look out for yourself”, including sexuality. 

Even worse, in most cases when there is no teaching of authentic sexuality at home (because parents don’t know it themselves) – kids only get the counterfeit education from peers, TV and the outside world. – so what are they supposed to do?

How this culture of porn reveals itself directly to the family

Some behavior characteristics you may see in your family:


  • Selfishness

  • Narcissistic tendencies

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Isolation

  • Reduced IQ and inability to concentrate

  • The explosion of ADHD diagnosis -  Note: ADHD has increase by 50% over the last 20yrs

  • Anger issues / sometimes violent tendencies toward women

  • Lack of empathy, compassion or just a general indifference

  • Resistance to seeking growth in virtues

  • Etc.



It’s clear that since porn has become mainstream, our society has changed radically with regards to sexuality. 


TV, entertainment, suppression of God in the culture, general behaviors, and learning disorders, is also reflected in our overall societal physical health. 

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