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Support Road to Purity’s efforts to lead men and women to the truth of authentic love and sexual purity and to help put an end to human sex trafficking.

Support Road to Purity by partnering with us to bring souls out of the bondage of sexual sin into the hands of Jesus.


I invite you to become a supporter of Road to Purity either through a one-time or recurring donation. 

Since its inception in 2005, Road to Purity has been fulfilling its mission of Awareness, Recovery and Formation in the area of pornography and sex addiction. In this time of Spirit-led growth, we have exploded by doubling our reach and services each and every one of the first seven years!


“I want to endorse the efforts of Road to Purity. It is truly Catholic and seeks the gift of our Catholic Tradition to help overcome this terrible plight among our young and mature men in our world today.” - Fr John Lager OFM Capuchin, National Chaplin FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students)- ret. 

“I endorse the apostolate Road to Purity and its founder, Dann Aungst. Road to Purity. Road to Purity offers resources to help men and women recover their true identity as sons and daughters of the Father and break free from addiction to pornography and sex. Several publications bear my own imprimatur." Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, S.T.L. Archbishop of Denver

“I do not hesitate to recommend Dann and Road to Purity to any parish or seminary that is looking for help in addressing the pandemic of lust in the world today” - Fr. Daniel P. Barron, OMV Director of Spiritual Formation St. John Vianney Theological Seminary Denver



Mission: Recovery

  • Launched the first fully Catholic Men’s Sexual Integrity Program "Restoring God’s Foundation”. Available for in-person small groups, Zoom online groups, or Independent Study options in both printed and online.

  • Published the 40 Days to Freedom recovery book and workbook in 2017 and released the interactive online version in 2020

  • Launched The Simon Community online recovery and accountability community in 2022. 

  • Over 4,000 men and women are participating in the above three recovery programs offered by Road to  Purity

  • GOAL: Help us reach over 20,000 participants in the recovery and community programs by end of 2024! 

  • Published and distributed over 500,000 pamphlets to parishes and priests to use in the confessional to help those struggling with sexual sin.

  • Serve over 900 Catholic parishes in North America with materials for education and recovery from pornography and sex addiction. 

  • ​Received multiple imprimaturs* on publications including the above-mentioned Restoring God’s Foundation program, 5 Keys to Freedom from Sexual Sin mini pamphlet, and Litany of Purity prayer.

  • ​Published 4 books on education and recovery from pornography and sexual addiction.

Mission: Formation

  • Seven years of educating clergy and seminarians on how to be more effective in handling sexual sin both in and out of the confessional.​

  • For five years have led and educated many seminarians on pornography, chastity, and the truth of its impact on society. 

  • Announced the Clergy Formation Enhancement Program (CFEP) for priests and deacons worldwide

  • Released the first course module of the CFEP program “The Power of the Confessional” in  June 2023. Over 100 priests signed up for the course with in the first 90 days

Mission: Awareness​

  • Annual Social media reach of 5 million persons, and more 

  • Personally spoken to thousands at conferences, parishes, and groups around the U.S. on the topic of pornography and how it impacts individuals, families, and society.

  • Enhance the formation of clergy on the truths and myths of pornography use and addiction.

  • Published over 50 prayer cards, litanies, and novenas to help grow the spirituality of those fighting sexual sin as well as aid anyone in growing in their faith. And distributed over 250,00 of these prayer cards. 

  • Recruited several thousand to pray using our End to Human Sex Trafficking Novena. 

  • Road to Purity and its mission have been featured in dozens of media sources  and podcasts ​

Help us to Achieve

Sign up  20,000 participants in the recovery and community programs by end of 2024! 

Release a Clergy formation series to:

  1. Train priests and deacons how to “gently” speak about pornography from the pulpit

  2. Educate priests, deacons, and youth ministers on how to effectively help those in their parishes that are suffering from porn addiction.

​Introduce our parent module on how to talk to their children about pornography and how to Educate and form them on authentic sexuality from them the age of toddlers through high school.

Introduce our Therapist module to help counselors who are not specialized in pornography addiction be well-versed in leading clients to recovery from porn. 


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