Recently, Pope Francis made a statement specifically in regards to pornography that the Church is to be the “field hospital” after the battle. 


Over the past several years, Road to Purity has supplied information,  as well as trained priests, deacons, and seminarians on the topic of pornography and recovery. Over these years, we have discovered that the clergy in our parishes are extremely under-informed and under-trained on this topic. The clergy are a critical piece to getting help to the nearly 50% of persons in the parish who statistically battle with this disordered and addictive way of life. The family, which is the core of the church, is suffering immensely. The clergy needs clear information that is exclusively from a Catholic perspective, that it is theologically sound, uses proven methods, and is from a professional with extensive first-hand experience of pornography and sex addiction. 


For over three years, Road to Purity has worked in the formation of seminarians, priests, and deacons locally and is working to expand this mission nationally and internationally. 


This expansion will take the form of our Clergy Formation Enhancement Program (CFEP). The first phase of CFEP is expected to be available in early 2023. Below is an outline of CFEP. 


Clergy Formation Enhancement Program. This program is designed to enhance the existing formation of priests and deacons in the fast-changing world of pornography use and addiction. Currently, Road to Purity gives a presentation/class entitled “Effectively helping penitents when sexual sin is confessed” to the fourth-year theology students (transitional deacons) at St John Vianney Seminary. This class has been offered for six years to approximately 70 future priests and is video recorded and available on the Road to Purity website for any priest worldwide. 


Plans include significant expansion of this part of Road to Purity into a four-part Clergy FormationEnhancement Program. (CFEP). CFEP's four phases will include courses that expand the above presentation, fully educate clergy on how pornography is impacting the church and how to effectively help parishioners, how to gently infuse sexual purity messages in homilies, and offer safe programs to assist clergy whom themselves are battling sexual sin. 

If you are priest and would like to be involved in helping with some of the content, previewing material, etc. or to be involved in any other way, please contact Dann Aungst at