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The epidemic of pornography is quietly destroying our youth, the family, and our church. Most parents are at a loss of what to do, Priests are at a loss with the overwhelming evidence of sexual sin revealed in the confessional, and at every turn, therapists’ council a couple for what seems like basic marital communication issues only to find compulsive use of pornography at its root.


The erosion of our society has sexual disorder at its very root. Parents, professionals, and clergy are simply not equipped to address this fast changing and growing problem.


One of the pillars of the Road to Purity mission is to enhance the formation of these three groups of community leaders, assisting them on how to properly form their children, parishioners, or clients with a healthy view of sexuality and assist them in getting free of any addictive behavior that so commonly exists.


In each of the groups, Road to Purity provides actionable strategies, theology, and guidance to equip these life forming leaders with the information and tools to help in their specific need.

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