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If you read our page So, What's Wrong with Porn Anyway? you already know how pornography has served to degrade our society, our culture, and most importantly your family. 


To battle something as deeply rooted and life-changing as pornography not only requires the Holy Spirit but also the hand of someone who has been in the depths of this addiction and has risen above through the hands of Christ. Education is simply not enough. The best guidance comes from the “wounded healer” type of person. A wounded healer is someone who has personally “walked in the shoes” or taken the journey, of the individual they are helping. Dann Aungst, founder of Road to Purity is that person. (see The Founder page for more information). In the case of Dann, not only has God called him to do this work (as you see from his personal testimony), but he has also taken the steps to become an addiction counselor as well. 


The work put forth by Dann under the organization Road to Purity has both clinical and personal knowledge as well as facts and experience in their development. Additionally, nearly all of the materials offered by Road to Purity have been reviewed by clergy and theologians in the Catholic Church. Many of the materials have been granted an Imprimatur by Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, S.T.L. Archbishop of Denver. Our materials are proven, they work, and they follow church guidelines as well. (see the testimonies at the end of this page)


Please note that we offer Recovery programs and resources for addicts themselves and material for parishes to help their flock. We offer resources for families and their children. We also offer GENERAL APPEAL materials like prayer cards that are of interest of anyone looking to grow in spirituality – not necessarily for addiction recovery. 

For a complete list or to purchase any of the books authored by Dann Aungst, visit the Road to Purity store. 

Restoring God's Foundation - Catholic Men's Integrity Program

Restoring God’s Foundation is our flagship program. True healing of any addiction requires accountability, transparency, inner healing, spiritual growth, and a moral re-order. Restoring God’s Foundation is a Catholic small group sexual integrity program. It can either be hosted by a parish, a men’s group or part of an online course with live face to face Zoom meetings. For more details on this program, how to join or how to get your parish involved click here. 

A “self study” version of this extensive program is also available in the above link. 

Note: this entire program has been granted an Imprimatur by Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, S.T.L. Archbishop of Denver.

From One Addict to Another

Dann Aungst, Road to Purity Founder's personal story. 

From One Addict to Another is the brave retelling of one man’s experience with sexual addiction. The author, who feels called by God to share his personal story in order to help other sex addicts as well as strengthen his own recovery, describes a childhood of pain and loneliness that left him aching for wholeness; his awakening sexuality and the false promises of fulfillment it offered; and his descent into a life of lies and compulsive, out-of-control behavior that nearly destroyed his marriage and life. This is a compelling story of pain and despair, hope and surrender—a must-read for anyone dealing with the devastation of sexual addiction

5 Keys to Freedom from Sexual Sin

The “5 Keys to Freedom from Sexual Sin” is a credit card–size pamphlet that outlines keys for critical change. Over 300,000 of these pamphlets have been distributed to men and women by Catholic priests in the confessional, through ushers at church services, downloaded via the Road to Purity website, and handed out at Christian conferences.


This mini 8-page pamphlet is perfect to get anyone a “soft” start. In fact, priests in over 600 Catholic parishes nationwide hand this out in the confessionals. 

Note: This pamphlet has been granted an Imprimatur by Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, S.T.L. Archbishop of Denver.

40 Days to Freedom

My original recovery guidance book written in 2017 is a terrific resource that provides both information as well as step-by-step direction to begin the road to freedom. An inexpensive way to get started. 

In 2020, we released our ever-popular 40 Days to Freedom book in an online format. Includes the entire text of both the original book AND workbook as well as interactive processes to help you along the way.



Road to Purity offer dozens of Holy Cards, Litanies, and Prayer cards that appeal to all Catholics! We also have a beautiful handmade Italian Purity Rosary.


  Check back often as we are always adding new items! 



Articles on pornography, its effects, and steps to freedom are regularly posted on Road to Purity’s blog as well as other sites across the internet. Dann Aungst is also a guest writer for Covenant Eyes. 

Social Media

Road to Purity reaches over 1 million individuals per year via social media with messages of awareness, education, hope, spirituality, and healing of pornography and sex addiction


Road to Purity offers a limited free 15 minute consultations for men, women, parents on the topic pornography, addiction or help with our recovery programs. Appointments can be made by accessing our calendar here


Educating Clergy & Seminarians

For several years, Dann has presented a seminar to transitional deacons and graduating seminarians on pornography and how to address the topic with penitents in the confessional and beyond. Road to Purity is also slated to release in 2023 our “Clergy Formation Enhancement Program (CFEP). CFEP will be offered in four phases:(1) expand the course “Effectively helping penitents when sexual sin is confessed” given to seminarians and offer to priests worldwide, (2) fully educate clergy on how pornography is impacting the Church and how to effectively help parishioners, (3) train clergy to gently infuse sexual purity messages in homilies and (4) offer safe and secure programs specifically for clergy who personally battle with sexual sin.

Speaking Engagements

Dann Aungst, Road to Purity founder, has given his personal, candid, and honest testimony to thousands at conferences and gatherings. 

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