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Road to Purity’s mission is to reveal to society the physical and spiritual devastation of pornography and sexual addiction while leading men and women to the truth of authentic love and sexual purity. Our vision is to eliminate the desolation resulting from sexual sin and to reveal that there is another way. 

Articles on pornography, its effects, and steps to freedom are regularly posted on Road to Purity’s blog as well as other sites across the internet. Dann Aungst is also a guest writer for Covenant Eyes. 

Social Media

Road to Purity reaches over 1 million individuals per year via social media with messages of awareness, education, hope, spirituality, and healing of pornography and sex addiction


Road to Purity offers a limited free 15 minute consultations for men, women, parents on the topic pornography, addiction or help with our recovery programs. Appointments can be made by accessing our calendar here


Educating Clergy & Seminarians

For several years, Dann has presented a seminar to transitional deacons and graduating seminarians on pornography and how to address the topic with penitents in the confessional and beyond. Road to Purity is also slated to release in 2023 our “Clergy Formation Enhancement Program (CFEP). CFEP will be offered in four phases:(1) expand the course “Effectively helping penitents when sexual sin is confessed” given to seminarians and offer to priests worldwide, (2) fully educate clergy on how pornography is impacting the Church and how to effectively help parishioners, (3) train clergy to gently infuse sexual purity messages in homilies and (4) offer safe and secure programs specifically for clergy who personally battle with sexual sin.

Speaking Engagements

Dann Aungst, Road to Purity founder, has given his personal, candid, and honest testimony to thousands at conferences and gatherings. 

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