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Image by Aida L


How has porn impacted our Society and our Culture?

Let’s start with a brief recent history of pornography.


Porn began to explode with the introduction of Playboy Magazine in 1953. This was a major contributing factor to the sexual revolution in the 1960’s. Follow that with the introduction of high-speed internet in early 2000’s and then in 2007 the iPhone was introduced. That same year, Pornhub, the world’s second largest porn developer was launched. 


Consider this perspective. 


In 1951 The Lucy Show was on the air. The show was cutting edge when it aired on TV, a married couple in the bedroom, but who were fully clothed, both feet on the floor and in separate beds. 

Then in 50 short years


  • 1 in 3 female victims have experienced completed or attempted rape between the ages of 11 and 17.

  • 68% of divorce cases involve one party meeting a new lover over the Internet.

  • In the U.S. alone, there are over 1 million prostitutes and escorts

  • Over 10,000 illicit massage parlors are currently in operation in the U.S. and a large percentage of these contain trafficked women.

  • Abortion has been legalized in the US

  • Abortion is accepted and as a defended form of birth control

  • Babies are not created by God -  but are an inconvenient by-product of our “right to pleasure”.

  •  Sex is NOT a gift, it’s something to be taken (revealed in the fact that 88% of porn demonstrates physical aggression).

  • Pornhub reports an average of 120-150mil visitors DAILY worldwide.

  • Total porn user base is estimated at 300-400mil visitors DAILY worldwide.

  • A report by the Kaiser family research foundation shows that there is an average of 143 incidents of sexual behavior on prime-time network tv each week. (not cable, not pay per view, but on network TV) AND 97% of these sexual situations were between non-married individuals.

  •  God has been removed from public schools and government.

  •  God is prohibited to be part of the sex education programs in public schools (even though the act and procreation of children represents HIS love, HIS gift to us and the children resulting from it expands HIS kingdom) – No wait, children are not from God, they’re a byproduct of pleasure. (or that’s what we’re supposed to believe).

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