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Image by Mohamed Nohassi


As a recovering sex addict of over 12 years, with over 30 prior years of addiction, I have dedicated my life to helping others get free from pornography and get healed from the real causes of the addiction.  My book "40 Days to Freedom: Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity" goes a long way to do just that. While I could sit back and make money as an expert on the topic by selling the book, God has put on my heart that my first commitment is to help others get free from the devastation of pornography, to help heal the underlying wounds, and help them heal their relationships so they can attempt to move on with life.  As part of my commitment to do just that, I have put some of the most helpful and critical parts of the book on the Road to Purity website for free. Below are these select segments/chapters from my book.  

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Thank you for your interest in beginning a new life of freedom from the bondage of pornography. Lets begin.....


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