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Help Your Parishioners Break Free From Pornography

Online Formation for Catholic Clergy by Road to Purity 

Help Your Parishioners Stop Watching Pornography

Father: You know pornography is a problem in your parish, but what strategies are you using to help your parishioners actually overcome the desire (and often, addiction) to porn? Let addiction expert, Catholic, and trained counselor Dann Aungst give you helpful tips and resources to help you fight this incredible evil.

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With pornography being one of the largest threats to society, specifically to our families and children, Road to Purity’s mission of Awareness, Recovery, and Formation is more important than ever. 


Pope Francis has stated in regard to pornography that the Church is to be the field hospital after battle. Yet sadly, men and women who turn to their local parishes today seeking help and effective assistance are often given the equivalent of band-aids when they need comprehensive, life-saving/soul-saving care.


This fact has become evident through the countless Catholic men and women that Road to Purity has worked with directly, priests surveyed and interviewed, as well as several years of our work forming seminarians at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver.


Our research reveals these enormous gaps at parishes throughout the country:

  1. Sexual sin is not effectively addressed in the confessional, if at all;

  2. Homilies that include content on sexual morality are extremely rare (less than 5% of priests surveyed address this from the pulpit);

  3. Current knowledge of the statistical numbers of adults and youth in the pews that are actually suffering from the scourge of pornography.

  4. A full understanding of what is truly involved to gain freedom from porn or sex addiction is unknown by the vast majority of the clergy;

  5. A surprising number of priests are battling this behavior themselves and have no safe and secure place to go for their own healing and freedom from this plague. 


Road to Purity’s Commitment


Our Lord has made it abundantly clear to the leaders of Road to Purity, that the education, leadership and formation of those responsible must be addressed.


Road to Purity has engaged in the task of assisting in each of the areas outlined above. The approach is ongoing, portions of assistance are available now, while the major program slated to address these needs are in development.


The basis of this assistance will take the form of our Clergy Formation Enhancement Program (CFEP), which is outlined below.



How can we help you and your parish TODAY?


The Confessional

For the past seven years, Dann Aungst, President of Road to Purity has given a presentation to the last year seminarians at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver. The Presentation is “How to effectively address sexual sin in the confessional”


The topic of this presentation is currently being expanded and produced into a multi hour course with videos, materials and resources for current and future priests.


For now, St. John Vianney Seminary has graciously allowed us to record the presentation we give at this class at the seminary and make it available here to any priest worldwide. 

Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, S.T.L. Archbishop of Denver

“The vice of lust is growing in our culture to an extent that many experience it as a serious addiction, which enslaves them and destroys their lives. As Pope Francis has said, the Church is like a field hospital where people are to be welcomed and receive the healing power of Jesus Christ, the Divine Physician. I encourage priests to use “The Power of the Confessional” in this process. You will find in this video a valuable tool to effectively address sexual sins when confessed so that people may come to know the true freedom offered by our Lord.
Additional Confessional Resources 

Road to Purity offers 3 handout options for use in the confessional or distribution in any other appropriate place in the parish.


5 Keys to Freedom from Sexual Sin - 8pg mini pamphlet (click for more information or to order)



This concise easy-to-follow publication is perfect for those struggling with sexual sin and needs some direction on how to get started in battle. This 8-page mini pamphlet is about the size of a credit card and can be kept nearly anywhere with discretion. 




So What's Wrong with Porn Anyway? - 8pg mini pamphlet (click for more information or to order)








While many know they struggle with pornography, many others still question what is really wrong with it? This 8 page mini pamphlet outlines the many physical, relational and spiritual facts about how pornography affects everyone. 




Restoring God's Foundation - PARISH SPONSORED ACCESS CARD







These cards are designed for priests, deacons, parishes etc to give away to individuals of their choice. This card offers FREE access to the online Independent Study edition of the Restoring God's Foundation program.  

For more information on the Restoring God’s Foundation, explore the program page. 



Program Resources for your Parish

Restoring God’s Foundation – Small Group Edition



About the program

Restoring God's Foundation is unlike any other program in existence. Built on the small group experience, Restoring God's Foundation's results are founded on the mandatory need for transparency and vulnerability in order to bring authentic and lasting freedom. Healing cannot happen in a static environment like an internet based or remote program. The program builds strength by being face to face with brothers in Christ.

This edition is designed for in-person small groups run by a facilitator.

For more information on the Restoring God’s Foundation, explore the program page. 




Programs in development to help you in the near future


Currently in development is the creation of the Clergy Formation Enhancement Program (CFEP) - a four-phase program built on our existing, proven programs. The four phases are:

1. Enhance the Power of the Confessional;

A course to help you be more effective in the confessional (see top of page)


2. Enhance the Power of the Pulpit;


Pornography and sexual sin is rarely addressed from the pulpit. This course is designed to assist priests and deacons when addressing sexual sin from the pulpit. It will offer homiletic suggestions to help relate to specific weeks readings and often offer “gentle” language to help present the topic of sexual sin as it relates to sin, mercy, forgiveness and more. Projected release is Q3, 2023


3. Educate on Healing, Recovery, and Complete Freedom;


This phase is closely modeled after the popular Restoring God’s Foundation Catholic Men’s Sexual Integrity Program. Rather than being presented as a recovery program where the audience is an addict, the content will be presented in an educational perspective for a target audience of priests/leaders who will guide others in their battles. Essentially a “teach the teachers” concept. Projected Release date is Q4-2023/Q4-2024.


4. Heal the Teachers: Healing and Freedom for Priests. 


Without disclosing specifics, we know that a number of priests also battle with pornography addiction. Unfortunately, resources for recovery that are safe, secure, comprehensive and Catholic simply do not exist. This program will incorporate the proven Restoring God’s Foundation program (Seminary version) in a secure online environment. A vetting process will be used to qualify each priest who may participate.

For more information on this program, contact Dann directly on his personal email at or call 303-725-1818.

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