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Image by Aida L

Does it change the moral character of a person?

Consider a study done by Dr. Dolf Zillmann of Indiana University  and Dr. Jennings Bryant of The University of Alabama.

The study took place over controlled period of six weeks. In the study, they took 80 men and 80 Women of college age and split them into three groups each group viewed a total of five hours of content.

Group 1 was shown 36 pornographic videos, 

Group 2 was shown 18 pornographic and 18 non-pornographic videos, 

Group 3 was shown 36 non-pornographic videos. 

The results of the study showed a direct correlation between the amount of pornography viewed and the decrease in satisfaction that was seen in the sexual performance with their real-life partners. 

In the group that was shown the 36 pornographic videos, these subjects noted a significant reduction in the physical appearance, affection, and sexual performance of their partners. 

They also became aware they compared their partners to the images of the porn models.

They also notice a change in that the subjects began to:



  •  Preferred sex without emotional involvement

  •  Devalue marriage

  •  Devalue importance of children

  •  Reduced importance of faithfulness

  •  Increased acceptance of casual sex



A mere 5 hours of porn over 6 weeks had this pivotal effect on their view of the opposite sex and their moral belief systems!

As you can see, the effects of pornography on the brain and moral systems are very dramatic. In fact, Dr Donald Hilton with the American Board of Neurological Surgery is quoted stating “the underlying nature of an addiction to pornography is chemically nearly identical to a heroin addiction.” 

Additional studies also show that the neurologic effects of pornography are also nearly identical to cocaine! Would you think cocaine or heroin is perfectly fine if consumed just a little?!


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