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The numbers are in, and the reality is harsh. Pornography and sex addiction are a society-wide scourge - threatening our families, communities, and entire way of living. 

We as Christians have faced heavy odds before - but this battle, while broad in scope, is winnable. 

Pornography has reached a level of cultural influence like never before. It's a cultural cancer spreading through every demographic of our world. These days, the average twelve-year-old walks around with a veritable red-light district in their pocket. 

The results? Depression rates are up. Family units are crumbling. Birth rates shrink by the year. And all the while pornography reaches with nimble, destructive tentacles into every corner of our daily lives - our workplaces, our churches, our homes. At this rate, our culture as we know it will not survive. So how can we fight back?
Road to Purity gets to the root of the porn addiction problem, through Awareness, Recovery, and Forma­tion. 
To ensure continued success and growth, we're launching the two-year, $1-million Leading Souls to Freedom Campaign, which stands on three proven pillars. 


Spread recognition of the dangers
and fallout of pornography and sex
addiction through social media,
speaking engagements, and other
outreach. We currently reach
600,000 people annually - we plan
to reach millions.

goal $300k 

2 recovery 

Grow the one-two punch of Restoring God’s Foundation and The Simon Community. Restoring God’s Foundation, designated imprimatur by Archbishop Samuel Aquila, is our flagship Catholic Men's Sexual Integrity program. It’s a proven, comprehensive, 35-week plan for battling porn and sex addiction.

The Simon Community is a meeting space for like minded men to share experience and accountability.

goal $400k 

3 formation 

Launch the Clergy Formation Enhancement Program, comprised of four phases: (1) Equip priests to better address sexual sin when confessed, (2) Educate clergy on how pornography is impacting the Church and how to effectively help parishioners, (3) Train clergy to gently infuse sexual purity messages into homilies, and (4) Offer safe and secure programs specifically for clergy who personally battle sexual sin.

goal $300k 

The battle will be won - and it starts right here. 

Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, S.T.L. Archbishop of Denver

“ I endorse the apostolate Road to Purity and its founder, Dann Aungst. Road to Purity. Road to Purity offers resources to help men and women recover their true identity as sons and daughters of the Father and break free from addiction to pornography and sex. Several publications bear my own imprimatur. 


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