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Guiding you from the bondage of pornography and sexual sin to FREEDOM and becoming the man God created you to be

What Clients Say

“I don’t know what it is about this program that helps so much, all I know is that nothing else compares”. - Paul E.


You know you need to stop looking at porn. 
You have tried countless times to stop but failed. 


Does this sound like you?


We can help.


The truth is that ending a porn habit cannot be done by
“white-knuckling”. It simply does not work! 


Give yourself a break! 

Porn use, especially at an addictive level, is NOT a character flaw and it’s not something that most people can simply ‘choose” to stop. 


True Freedom from Porn involves addressing 4 main components:

  1. Behavioral

  2. Spiritual

  3. Chemical

  4. And Emotional 


If you are not addressing all 4 of these in a structured and expert led way, you WILL fail, AGAIN and AGAIN!


With the Restoring God’s Foundation course, we don’t just address the problem of porn addiction. We address the heart of your addiction. There is a reason you look at porn, and trust me, it’s NOT because of the sex. 


Overcoming addiction is beyond the will. It takes trained professionals to guide you through the process. That is what you will receive when joining this course.


Restoring God’s Foundation is the perfect solution because RGF was developed and reviewed by former addicts, counselors, and clergy. It’s like having a counselor lead you by the hand, step by step to recovery.  



As a recovering addict involved in not only pornography but also massage parlors, affairs, and prostitution, I have been there! I know the pain you are in! And now I am also a Certified Addiction Counselor. So, I not only have the clinical knowledge, but I have the personal experience to know how to get out!  In fact, Christ has put it on my heart to not only tell my story but to lead people out of the bondage of porn to freedom! I have made it my personal mission to help those like you get free from porn and other inappropriate sexual behaviors forever! 


Let me guess something else about you. You likely don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on counseling! 




Rather than spend thousands on counseling, you can sign-up for this incredible life-changing course now for FREE!  That's right! For a limited time, one of our benefactors is underwriting the cost of all subscriptions. But hurry, that could end at any time! 


Are you more of a “nuts and bolts” kind of person? Well here is a little more about the structure:



Restoring God’s Foundation is structured into three phases and 35 lessons, gradually leading you through the process of personal growth, healing, and freedom. 

We begin by treating this problem like any other serious trauma that sends a person to the Emergency Room. We need to get you stable first and out of the crisis. (ANY level of this behavior is a crisis as it endangers your mortal soul). 

We do this by guiding you to address why you're reading this now. Why do you want to stop looking at porn? Why you are interested in doing this program. (And by the way, if you are at all involved in porn use, you do need this program!). Then we teach you to use a set of tools like a master teaches an apprentice. We actually lead you through the process of making use of these tools, tools such as boundaries, strategies, and inventory of behavior, and so much more. 


No other program is more in-depth and complete as Restoring God’s Foundation. Take a look below at the course curriculum to see how thorough the program is. 


 Save your marriage or relationships

•  Live without shame

•  Heal past emotional woundedness

•  Reduce or eliminate anxiety

•  Live a life of integrity and honesty

•  Become better able to deal with the adversity of any type

•  Regain clarity of self and clarity of life’s purpose

•  Reduce or eliminate depression

•  Regain passion in life

•  Save your soul

•  Regain natural sexual energy

•  Reset natural I.Q. – increase learning potential 

•  Live a life of integrity and honesty

So, please, you owe it to yourself to start today. 
Image by Adrian Dascal



 “Restoring God’s Foundation is effective, powerful and provides healing.” - Rev. John Lager O.F.M Cap., National Chaplain of FOCUS

“Restoring God's Foundation not only explains the dynamics involved in habitual sexual sin, but offers practical tools for overcoming it. The materials are easy to use and effective for genuine growth in purity.” - Fr. Daniel Barron, O.M.V - St. John Vianney Theological Seminary




Restoring God’s Foundation is the ONLY TRULY Catholic program of its kind. The program has been reviewed by theologians, clergy and Catholic counselors in the Archdiocese of Denver. In fact, an Imprimatur was granted by Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, S.T.L. Archbishop of Denver.

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