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As you know, pornography is one of the most highly addictive and destructive influences in our society. Its role in the destruction of marriages, families, children, and souls is beyond words, and yet this almost hidden reality is rarely talked about. Therefore, it is urgent that society become aware and educated about this widespread spiritual epidemic and that they be provided with healing - using the most effective and comprehensive approach - for the millions of souls impacted by pornography. Road to Purity has been led to offer such an awareness and educational outreach along with a proven, effective and comprehensive approach to healing the wounded and leading them to full and lasting recovery.



Pornography is the number one business on the planet, and its addictive strength is on par with that of cocaine. It directly destroys individuals, and it also fuels sex-trafficking, with tens of thousands of victims in the US alone. Here in our country, the statistics are astounding: 40 million Americans visit pornography sites regularly; over 50% of men and 25% of women are addicted to pornography and more than that regularly consume pornography; consuming pornography increases the likelihood of committing adultery by 218%; 63% of 18-to-30-year-olds view pornography weekly; 14 million teens use it daily; and the average age of first exposure is 9 years old. And as one might imagine, among college students – even Catholic/Christian students – it is far worse: a recent study conducted by Road to Purity found that 88% of Catholic college men and 81% of Catholic college women attending a Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) conference say they struggle with sinful sexual behaviors that include viewing pornography.


Since its inception seven years ago, Road to Purity has been fulfilling its mission of creating awareness, educating, and healing from pornography and sex addic- tion. In this time of Spirit-led growth, Road to Purity programs have served thou- sands of students in the U.S and Canada with our online and in-person Catholic, comprehensive healing and recovery programs. We have equipped over 700 par-ishes with recovery, education, and support materials, and have reached over 3,000,000 people via social media with crucial messages of education and awareness.

Road to Purity is now poised for rapid growth and is embarking on a two-year, $1 million "Leading Souls to Freedom" campaign so that we can reach, heal and set free countless more souls from pornography and sex addiction. This campaign seeks to enhance our core mission of Awareness, Education, and Healing as follows.


Social Media, Conferences, Speaking Engagements, Mass Communications Impact

The first step is to reach the wounded and help make them aware of the life-damaging danger of pornography and sex addiction. We do this through social media posts, blogging, weekly emails to email list followers, conferences, speaking engagements, and community action encouragement. Our awareness and education efforts cur- rently reach over 600,000 people annually.

Spirituality Growth

Because prayer and spirituality are crucial to recovery from any behavior, Road to Purity publishes and equips over 800 parishes with a line of over 50 prayer cards to assist those on their journey of healing and recovery, including novenas, litanies, and devotions, as well as an exclusive Purity Rosary and Scriptural Rosary book. To date, over 250,000 prayer cards have been

distributed in the US.

GOAL: $300,000 by June 2024


Will fund the following growth:

  • Awareness and education efforts reaching over 10 million people per year.

  • Equip over 1,000 parishes with more than 1 million prayer cards and spirituality growth materials.

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Restoring God's Foundation

Our awareness and education efforts are designed to bring those struggling with pornography and sex addiction to our proven healing and recovery programs and resources. "Restoring God's Foundation" is Road to Purity's flagship Catholic Men's Sexual Integrity program. This extensive 35-week program is available in a small group, in-person format, as well as an online full program with homework modules, as well as a newly released "Fast Track" edition. A full Women's edition is scheduled to be released in Q4 of 2022. “Restoring God's Foundation” is a fully Catholic program that bears an Imprimatur by Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, S.T.L., Archbishop of Denver, and has had a 90% success rate with participants who complete it. The program is in place with dozens of lay groups operating nationwide and in Canada and is also being used at the St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver, Colorado for the seminarians who battle with sexual impurity. Fr Dan Barron, Director of Spiritual Formation at the seminary, has stated, "We have tried many programs for the men, and this is the only one that works."

Online Accountability Community

On March 1st, 2022, Road to Purity launched "The Simon Community," a recovery community where we promote the slogan, "Where your brothers in Christ help you carry your cross." The Simon Community is a safe place where men can share their battles, benefit from others' prayers, gain access to resources for recovery, join an online group, find accountability partners, and participate in small groups. This community is free.

Parish/Priest Support

We provide materials for priests to use in Confession and for the education of parishioners needing help in healing from sexual impurity.  These materials consist primarily of pamphlets and access cards to the Restoring God's Foundation program. To date, over 500,000 pamphlets and program cards have been distributed through over 700 parishes and their priests

GOAL: $350,000 by June 2024


Will fund the following growth:

  • Release of the Women's online edition.

  • Marketing of all programs and resources with a goal of having:

    1. 15,000 men and women participating in the recovery programs,

    2. 1,000 members in the online community,

Over 1,000 participating parishes

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Every priest is a leader of hundreds and often thousands of parishioners, yet the majority of priests need formation and education regarding pornography, sex addiction, and how to assist those struggling with these issues. This program is designed to provide formation to priests and deacons in the fast-changing world of pornography use and addiction. Currently, Road to Purity gives a presentation/class entitled "Effectively helping penitents when sexual sin is confessed" to the fourth year theology students (transitional deacons) at St John Vianney Seminary. This class has been offered for six years to approximately 70 future priests and is video recorded and available on the Road to Purity website for any priest worldwide.


Our campaign seeks to expand this part of Road to Purity by creating a four-phase Clergy Formation Enhancement Program. (CFEP). CFEP's four phases will (1) expand the courses given to seminarians, (2) fully educate clergy on how pornography is impacting the Church and how to effectively help parishioners, (3) train clergy to gently infuse sexual purity messages in homilies and (4) offer safe and secure programs specifically for clergy who personally battle with sexual sin.

GOAL: $300,000 by June 2024


  • Writing and development of the 4 phases outlined

  • Creation of course content, including videos, downloads, and other resource materials;

  • Initial launch of all phases;

  • Support staff for launch, including coordinating the release in multiple dioceses as well as review for continuing education modules for clergy.