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A Path toward Freedom and Purity

You likely are reading this because you or someone you know is struggling with pornography use or other sexual activity or sexual addiction. You know that this program offers a path to freedom, but you may be wondering if its contents address the heart of your problem and could really make a difference for you. “Why is this program  different?” you want to know.

The process presented in this program works to gain lasting freedom from porn and sex addiction because it approaches the problem from multiple angles. As a Christian, a former addict, and a counselor, I have blended my knowledge, personal experience, professional experience, human design, and God together to create a process that will change your life. I believe that porn use is a huge spiritual problem and seriously damages your relationship with God and others—and that it enslaves the soul. I also believe that obtaining true freedom requires addressing the real-life, logical, and understandable facets of the problem as they relate to the human biology, the psychology, and the relational impact on your life. The process I present in these pages isn’t merely a “pray it away” technique, nor is it a host of “tools” to use to change behavior. Rather, the process is an intricate system that recognizes that humans were created for relationship and fellowship and that every one of us has experienced events in our life—usually from early childhood—that adversely affect our self-worth system. Additionally, our human bodies, in particular the brain, are designed a certain way, and when behaviors go against that natural design, our bodies become compromised. We need to correct our compromised internal system in order to achieve complete recovery. Each segment of this program complements our overall recovery process. While prayer is critically important to healing the roots of the self-worth system, it is woven throughout each of the segments and teachings and is a tool for reaching and healing the realproblem.

I believe that the truth of God’s presence in our soul and rules for how we should live clearly reveal themselves in our everyday life and our human design and our human existence. Understanding this design allows real life and spirituality to blend into one single existence as they are intended to do.

Living in this authentic way is a part of what it means to be free from our problematic or addictive use of porn and/or sex. Complete recovery includes making numerous changes:


  •  Changing habits and lifestyle patterns

  •  Altering the belief system that drives addiction and possibly attracted you to this behavior in the first place

  •  Correcting neural pathways in the brain

  •  Realizing that this behavior is out of control—and it is controlling you

  •  Recognizing that since the addiction is larger than you, you will need something more powerful than you to conquer the behavior 


About This Program

This program provides a foundational understanding of why porn is a problem, the biology of pornography use, the emotional bonds and roots of using, an understanding of how sexuality is authentically designed to work, and the spiritual dimension of pornography and sexuality. 

The process requires an understanding of my philosophies and reasoning behind the daily process. This site lays out these philosophies and reasoning. , I will frequently use the term “act out.” This term refers to any behavior that is undesirable or can lead to lustful experiences. That can include masturbation, looking at porn on an electronic device, browsing “racy” websites, visiting a massage parlor, hooking up with a prostitute, having an affair, watching sexually explicit movies, or even casually browsing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. As you work through the lessons in this guide, you will define and redefine what acting out is for you. 

My first challenge to you is to consider this thought: the urge to act out never “just happens.” There is ALWAYS a reason, a catalyst, a trigger. Take this statement as fact and keep it in your mind as we move forward.   


Additional note: This book heavily involves Christian theology and includes scripture and prayer, both in understanding our behavior and in moving forward on the path to freedom. Personally, I am a Catholic Christian so I will make Catholic references here and there, but I do not push the Catholic faith on you or claim that being Catholic is a requirement of salvation or freedom from addiction. With that said, non-Christians can still benefit from this book, as the theories and processes I describe deal with our broken humanness, healing that brokenness, and learning appropriate behavior. 

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