Pornography destroys love. Plain and simple. God has a plan for healthy and fulfilling sexuality, and the God’s Plan for Healthy Sexuality workshop will help you discover it.
     In this workshop we address: - What is God’s plan for our sexuality? - Why don’t most of us follow this plan? - What does purity really mean? - How do we become men and women of integrity?  - How are we called to reflect the Holy Trinity?

      This workshop will lead you to understand and enjoy authentic intimacy, revived relationships and experience freedom from the chains that once held you in bondage. Narrated by Dann Aungst, the founder of Road to Purity and a former sex addict, the online videos provide a personal guide through God’s plan, the war we all face in following His plan and the practical steps in winning the war for authentic purity.

      Also included are multiple practical exercises, meditations and thought-provoking questions for journaling or group discussion.  Everyone deserves to receive the abundant life that Christ promises. Learn for yourself how "blessed are the pure in heart…” (Matthew 5:8).     

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From one Addict to Another - author Dann Aungst

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From One Addict to Another is the brave retelling of one man’s experience with sexual addiction. The author, who feels called by God to share his personal story in order to help other sex addicts as well as strengthen his own recovery, describes a childhood of pain and loneliness that left him aching for wholeness; his awakening sexuality and the false promises of fulfillment it offered; and his descent into a life of lies and compulsive, out-of-control behavior that nearly destroyed his marriage and life. When the consequences of his altered reality begin to unfold, Aungst attempts to find help, if only to appease his loved ones as first. Then, guided by supportive friends and community, he encounters Jesus and begins the long and arduous climb out of this destructive way of life and toward true recovery. He begins healing and building a life centered around a relationship with God—a life where he finally finds the love to fill the void in his soul. Includes concrete advice and tips for other men struggling with sex addiction from someone who has been there himself. This is a compelling story of pain and despair, hope and surrender—a must-read for anyone dealing with the devastation of sexual addiction.


This 40 Days to Freedom Companion Guide and Journal is the supplement guide for the 40 Days to Freedom Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity book. Once you have read the 40 days to Freedom book you will be prepared for the 40 day journey that this guide allows you to journal through. The first seven days complete journal is included in the 40 Days to Freedom book along with the necessary scripture verses and summaries for all 40 days. The main 40 days to Freedom book also includes links to to the rest of the journal in pdf format on the Road to Purity website, However if you want the entire 40 day journal in printed form, this Companion guide and Journal is designed just for you. 

40 Days to Freedom - Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity 

author Dann Aungst

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5 keys to Freedom from Sexual Sin - mini pamphlet

Now available for individuals! This 8 page mini pamphlet was originally released for churches to give away and pastors to offer in confession.  This concise easy to follow publication is perfect for those struggling with sexual sin and need some direction of how to get started in battle. This mini pamphlet is about the size of a credit card and can be kept nearly anywhere with discretion. 

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40 Days to Freedom Companion Guide and Journal (400pgs) 

author Dann Aungst

First things first, freedom is possible. If you feel trapped in a cycle of porn or sex addiction, you are not alone, nor do you need to keep living a reality that brings you pain and false intimacy. This practical, Christian-centered guide can help you climb out of your despair and begin a life-changing journey of recovery. It sets the stage for change by exploring the root of the problem, uncovering the brain science of addiction, and helping you identify the triggers that lead you to act out sexually (it never just “happens”). Building on this solid foundation, author Dann Aungst then presents a proven 40-day plan for tackling the behavior from multiple angles and for continuing to grow, heal from the emotional wounds of your past, and successfully face any challenges and temptations that arise in the future. 40 Days to Freedom: Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity can help you rebuild your relationships—with God, with yourself, and with others—as well as restore personal peace, heal your soul, and regain a purposeful life. 

Gods Plan for Healthy Sexuality - Workshop (includes 130pg workbook and links to over 3 hrs of video)

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