What's in the Workshop?

The Road to Purity workshop leads men through 7 steps to purity.

1. Purity
We define what purity is and is not in both biblical and practical terms.

2. Foundation of our existence

 We see that sexuality, purity, covenant of marriage, and relationships are the foundation of our existence as well as God’s plan for the universe. We reveal this through the Holy Trinity and how we are created in the image of God. We show that marriage and family are an extension of God’s image and love and are an actual reflection of the Trinity.

3. Foundation at risk
We reveal that there is a war for our souls and that the foundation of that war is an attack on our sexuality thus attacking marriage and the family. We show that the majority of humanity does not live according to Gods plan and begin to hint at the underlying reasons why.

4. Pure Intimacy
Authentic intimacy is much more than sex, but our lack of understanding and proper teaching in our earlier years opens us to the distortion that the enemy uses to tempt us with what we are not really needing. We show the 8 building blocks of true authentic intimacy and how to obtain them - even when outside of a sexual covenant relationship.

5. Brain Chemistry
We show how God created us in the biological and physiological framework. We reveal how this biological design, when mis-used, causes extreme damage to our brain and has dramatic negative effects on our belief systems, our moral compass, and intensely fuels addictive behaviors of all kinds.

6. The Real Cost
The majority of costs of addictive behavior, especially of a sexual nature have significant costs that go way beyond financial. We show these consequences, both financial and otherwise.

7.Process of Change
Changing undesirable behaviors, especially when they approach compulsive or addictive levels are incredibly difficult to change. We lead participants though specific real world exercises that when used with discipline, are very effective. These exercises combine the earlier learned behavior tracks, the biological and physiological designs along with prayer and accessing the Holy Spirit to reveal underlying wounds that fuel our emotional triggers and behaviors.

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